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Burn Calories

Using the WOW® for just 3 minutes will burn the same calories as running just under a lap around a standard track – nearly 400m!

Build Strength

The WOW® is a low impact method of strength building that uses centrifugal force as a source of resistance – it’s science!

Prevent Injuries

Repetitive motion can cause injuries in muscles that aren’t used on a regular basis. Avoid this by strengthening those muscles

Relieve Stress

The WOW® is being used by many Veteran Support Groups to aid in the treatment of the symptoms of PTSD for combat Veterans

What exactly is the WOW®?

The WOW® is a patented1 workout device based on an ancient mechanical device known as a “Whirligig”. There is evidence that similar devices made of a strip of hide and a piece of clay or bone were used by Native American tribes as far back as 500 B.C. Children of the Great Depression often played with button whirligigs made of string and a button or coin.

The original WOW® was created with a chunk of plexiglas from a downed helicopter, combat boot laces, and a broken broom stick by a soldier while in Vietnam as a way to relieve stress while on perimeter watch. The device has evolved over the years and has become a true workout tool that is used by thousands of individuals and companies as a stress reliever and strength builder.

The Original WOW®

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.John F. Kennedy

Take the WOW®

What are people saying about the WOW®?

The WOW® tool is so helpful for the upper body that I’ve been wanting one for my personal use at home.
Katrina P.
…not only does it give me more energy during the day, but it makes it so I’m not tired when I leave work.
Kevin Y.
I like the long WOW® because it helps me get going in the morning by getting rid of my stiffness in my arms and elbows.
Dan N.
I really like the little WOW®. Before I started using it I could not lift my arms above my shoulders without pain. Now I can lift them all the way over my head without any pain!
LeRoy H.
No only is this a great strength building tool, but it is very relaxing. Watching it spin and listening to the whirring noise that it makes is mesmerizing and allows me to go into a tranquil place while I am doing it. What a great stress reliever!
Jon L
With all the lifting we have to do, it is a good idea to warm up and prepare for our jobs. I use the small WOW® right after my break to get myself warmed up before going back to work.
John A.
I had a lot of pain in my arm which I would rate a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now, no more pain. I rate it zero. Using the WOW® got rid of the ache and soreness.
Pedro F.
I had some problems with sore muscles in my upper back, and now it’s gone away. I’ll do the small WOW in the back of the truck when waiting for customers. It actually works! Even when I work out at home during the week I use the WOW® to warm up first.
Jesse S
I am an Iraq War Veteran with service connected disabilities due to an IED explosion and the physical demands of being a forward observer serving in an infantry unit. I met Gary a few months ago and was introduced to the WOW®. I found the WOW® very simple and fun to use and it gave my shoulders a serious workout! It’s also a great way to take a few moments to re-energize during the work day. I highly recommend the WOW® for anyone looking to increase their activity level no matter what kind of shape they’re currently in.
Shawn M.

Who Uses WOW®?

Everyone can benefit from using the WOW®! From simply warming up to really working out, the WOW® can help you get stronger and healthier while reducing anxiety and stress!


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